Tahune Adventures: Airwalk, hiking and hang gliding excitement

Steel cantilever lookout platform hanging over the Huon River at Tahune Adventures, Tasmania

Tahune Adventures is one of Tasmanias best known adventure parks. heres our guide to help you have an adventure filled day! Hidden away in the pristine Tahune forest, around 90 minutes from Hobart is Tahune Adventures. An adventure playground filled with nature walks, hang gliding, kayaking and an elevated airwalk amongst the forest canopy. Tahune …

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Exploring the wild world of Tasmanian devils at Devils@Cradle

Close up of a Tasmanian Devil joey at Devils@Cradle in Tasmania

When most people envision Tasmanian devils they conjure up the whirlwind cartoon version, but that’s fairly far from the truth. Unlike many other Tasmanian animals, the devil is notoriously difficult to see in the wild. Their excellent sense of smell and reserved nature makes them extremely difficult to creep up on unannounced. Thankfully, just outside …

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Tasmanian National Parks Passes: The Definitive Guide

White rock trail heading through the scrub towards Crater Lake in Cradle Mountain National Park

A Tasmanian National Parks Pass is essential to exploring Tasmania’s world-class national parks. Tasmania is known throughout the world for its outstanding natural beauty and wild landscapes. Visitors from around the world flock to places like Cradle Mountain National Park to explore the stunning mountainous alpine scenery or soak up the sunshine on one of …

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Edge Of The World: Tasmania’s Shore Of Eternity

The ocean and red lichen covered rocks at the The Edge Of The World, Tasmania, Australia

Have you ever dreamed of standing on the Edge of the World? Located at Arthur River in north-west Tasmania, around 2 hours 25 minutes from Devonport, you’ll find Gardiner Point, which has been dubbed the Edge of the World. Named by the north-west Tasmania tourism icon and Tasmazia founder Brian Inder, the Edge of the …

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