Adelaide Himeji Gardens: Stunning Japanese Oasis

Adelaide’s Himeji Gardens are an oasis in the city.

Finding your inner zen? Searching for tranquility? Or lazing under the dappled shade of a tree? The Himeji Gardens might just be what you need!

The Adelaide Himeji Garden provides the perfect setting to unwind and relax. Escape the noise and bustle of the city, without leaving the city.

These traditional Japanese gardens, gifted to Adelaide by its Japanese sister city Himeji, are truly stunning. The masterpiece of Japanese garden designer Yoshitaka Kumada and local council staff.

The Himeji Gardens feel isolated from the rest of the city. Blending seamlessly into the parkland surrounding Adelaide. For this reason the gardens are often overlooked. But take the time to visit and you’ll find a centre of calm and quiet within a bustling city.

Entrance to the garden is via a shaded pathway leading towards the beautiful Torii gate. Torii gates are traditionally used to mark the entrance of a sacred place. Upon entering you’ll find a water bowl used to purify yourself before entering.

While small in size and easily walked in a matter of minutes. The gardens contain a complexity and an eye for detail only found in Japanese gardens. Divided between two traditional styles. The “Senzui” or lake and mountain style and the “Karesansui” or dry garden style.

Himeji Garden Senzui style

The Senzui style takes up the majority of the gardens. Following the path from the Torii gate will lead you winding around the lily filled centre lake. Be mesmerised by the rise and fall of the bamboo water feature as it slowly fills then rushes to empty. Cross the beautiful stone bridge and watch the fish create ripples across the waters surface. Relax under a cooling shade tree and take in the sculpted bushes. Or listen to the sounds of water cascading over the waterfall.

The open grass areas are the perfect place for a picnic. Reading a good book or bring a camera and snap some amazing pictures.

Image of the Adelaide Himeji Gardens pond
Stunning Himeji Garden Pond
Image of the Adelaide Himeji Gardens entrance path
Path Around The Gardens

Himeji Garden Karesansui style

Hidden away in the back corner is the Karesansui style garden. Sit in the shade of the traditional wood and thatch tea house and gaze over the delicately raked zen garden. The intricate patterns and rocks invoke the feeling of an island battling an ocean. Or a sweeping landscape dominated by huge mountain peaks.

It’s a fun place to sit and contemplate. Perhaps find your own meaning to the garden?

Image of the Adelaide Himeji Gardens bamboo water feature
Bamboo Water Feature
Image of the Adelaide Himeji Gardens zen gravel graden
Adelaide Himeji Zen Garden

Getting there

Located at 283 South Terrace. Access via the following methods:

  • 15 minutes walk from the South Terrace tram stop. (Free within the city)
  • Shaded car parks are available across from the garden.
  • Grab a free bike hire and ride.

Cost/Opening Times

Adelaide Himeji Gardens are free!

Open 8am to 5:30pm, 7 days a week. (April to September have 4.30pm closures on weekends & public holidays)

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