Tamar Triple Pass: Should You Buy It?

Tamar Triple Pass card

The Tamar Valley. This well known region in the north of Tasmania is renowned for it’s beautiful scenery, amazing foods and world class wines. It’s one of our favourite regions of Tasmania for an amazing road trip. Cruising from here to there, checking out the sights. The Tamar Valley follows the Tamar River as it …

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Tamar Island Wetlands: Boardwalks and Bird Hides

Boardwalk through reed beds with a mountain background

Tamar Island Wetlands encompass 60 hectares of tidal lagoons, mudflats, river channels and islands to create a diverse wildlife haven. Located only ten kilometres from the heart of Launceston in Northern Tasmania, the Tamar Island Wetlands are home to a wide range of permanent and migratory birds species as well as mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and …

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Leven Canyon: Walking The Forest Stairs Circuit

Cruickshanks Lookout in Leven Canyon, Tasmania

Leven Canyon, Tasmania. Leven Canyon Reserve is a fantastic family friendly reserve which is a great place to spend an afternoon. The reserve offers a relaxing place to have a picnic with the family or get out and be active by hitting the hiking tracks. The reserve is located in the town of Nietta, which …

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Devil’s Gullet: Terrifying Cliff Lookout

The Devil's Gullet platform overlooking the canyon below

Devil’s Gullet is one of those places you avoid if you dislike heights! After a long five months wait, we finally got another chance at reaching the Devil’s Gullet after our last failed attempt. This time we decided to tackle the steep, windy mountain road in summer with the hope of avoiding the slippery, muddy …

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Hellyers Road Distillery: Tasmanian Whisky Tour

Hellyers Road Whisky bottles, Tasmania

Hellyers Road Distillery, Tasmania. We have lived literally minutes from Hellyers Road Distillery since our travel plans went a bit a bit sideways. We found ourselves not in Vietnam, but in Tasmania. And it’s been just over a year now since we made the move. During this year, we have mentioned visiting the Hellyers Road …

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