Lock Laces: Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

Tired of shoelaces coming undone? Lock Laces might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Are you like me and just dislike messing with shoelaces? Maybe you’re a triathlete trying to shave off a few seconds on your personal best? Or a hiker who doesn’t want to deal with those horrible laces most hiking boots have. Lock Laces might be the solution.

Why I Switched To Lock Laces

My main reason for switching to Lock Laces was a simple one. The laces on my hiking boots kept coming undone. Not occasionally, but constantly.

Dry laces would eventually undo themselves. Wet laces would undo even faster. And only double knots would keep them tied.

Walking in wet or muddy areas was getting frustrating. I’d end up either trying to tie up wet muddy laces, or struggling to untie waterlogged double-knotted laces at the end of the hike.

The other reason for switching is that I don’t like tying up shoelaces.

My default method of putting on a shoe is jamming my massive hoof in and twisting and grinding until it slips into place.

This method is great in theory, but I’ve ruined a few pairs of shoes by crushing the heel support, and this method doesn’t work well with high cut hiking boots.

So I took inspiration from one of my favourite shoes, the Keen Newport H2 sandals, and looked for a no tie shoelace alternative. My search uncovered Lock Laces.

Lock Laces? What Are They?

The Lock Lace concept is pretty simple. Ditch the traditional shoelaces, and forget about tying your shoes ever again.

This system is comprised of three components, laces, locking clasp, and lace clip.

The Lock Laces replace standard laces with elastic cord laces, similar to bungee cord material.

The locking clasp removes the need for tying your laces by using a spring lock mechanism to clamp and secure your shoe.

Lock Lace components including clasp, laces and lace clip
Lock Lace components

And the lace clip secures the two end pieces of lace together once you’ve cut them to size.

Build Quality

I’ve been using Lock Laces for a long time now and haven’t run into any issues. Mine has been used for daily neighbourhood walking and weekend trail walking in some fairly rough conditions.

They’ve stood up to some very wet and muddy conditions, even a few river crossings while hiking through Tasmania’s rainforests without any issues and the locking mechanism hasn’t shown any sign of deterioration or slippage.

Close up of hiking boots with Lock Laces installed
Locking clasp

Build quality is durable and strong, with no signs of stress fractures in the plastic components or wear and tear on the laces.

Comfort And Performance

I found them to be more comfortable and perform better than standard laces.

The shoes I tested with Lock Laces fitted more firmly, but never felt overly tight. The elastic nature of the laces seemed to distribute pressure more evenly across the top of my foot.

I didn’t notice any foot movement or slippage while out walking, even on rough terrain or fighting the suction when crossing thick mud.

The locking clasp also performed perfectly, and held the laces firmly, without slippage, even when wet and muddy.

Brown hiking boots with Lock Laces installed
Hiking boots with Lock Laces installed

Getting shoes on and off was quicker and easier and changing the tension of the laces is extremely quick and easy to adjust.

And for those who like to slip shoes on, the elastic laces have just enough movement, so you can slide your foot in without adjusting anything.

Additional Information

  • Check the eyelet size on your shoes before purchasing. Lock Laces are larger in diameter than standard laces and can be difficult to thread into footwear with small eyelets
  • Before trimming the laces, loosen them off fully so you don’t trim them too short


Overall, Lock Laces are a great product. They’re comfortable, perform well, and seems sturdy and reliable.

Different versions are available to suit almost all footwear types, such as boots, athletic shoes and business shoes. With an equally large range of colour to match your favourite footwear.

They’re perfect for athletes, cyclists, walkers and general use, and should speed up any airport security check where removing your shoes is required.

I also feel the young, elderly or those with a disability or mobility issues would also find them useful and easy to use.

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