Little Blue Lake: Tasmania’s Exquisite Aqua Lake

Aqua waters of the Little Blue Lake in Tasmania with sandstone cliffs and tree in the foreground

Little Blue Lake is one of those fairy tale inspired locations. This unique lake is truly a hidden gem tucked away in the northeast region of Tasmania. It’s located between the towns of Derby (well known for its mountain bike trails) and Gladstone, around 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Launceston. Little Blue Lake The …

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Horsetail Falls: Impressive Mountain Waterfall

Tasmanian mountain range with Horsetail Falls flowing down the cliff face

Horsetail Falls is an impressive seasonal waterfall. It’s located just outside Queenstown, which is a beautiful historic mining town hidden in a valley on the slopes of Mount Owen deep in the wild western region of Tasmania. Reaching the falls is a short 5-kilometre drive from Queenstown up the Lyell Highway on a mountain road …

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Dip Falls: Tasmania’s Mightiest Waterfall

Above view of Dip Falls, Tasmania

Dip Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Tasmania. Not because its particularly high or beautiful, but because with the right conditions, it’s an absolute brute of a waterfall compared to many in Tasmania. It’s a big, bulky, and loud. It’s located just outside the town of Mawbanna in the north-west region of …

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Lock Laces: Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

Packet of Lock Laces not tie elastic shoelaces

Tired of shoelaces coming undone? Lock Laces might be exactly what you’re looking for. Are you like me and just dislike messing with shoelaces? Maybe you’re a triathlete trying to shave off a few seconds on your personal best? Or a hiker who doesn’t want to deal with those horrible laces most hiking boots have. …

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