Discovering the Tasmanian Craft Fair

Image of clear glass bowl with gold highlights

The Tasmanian Craft Fair, Should you go? Whenever I hear Craft Fair, I die a little inside. Craft fairs for me are usually to be avoided. Most craft fairs I have attended are usually rather dull and boring. Rows and rows of dodgy looking stalls. Sad looking stall owners trying to sell cheap and badly …

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Osprey Sojourn: The Perfect Wheeled Backpack For Travel

Image showing the Osprey Sojourn wheeled backpack

Choosing new travel luggage can be tough, find out why we chose the Osprey Sojourn as the best luggage for our travel needs. Like many, we never really invested much in luggage until we purchased the Osprey Sojourn. We always just used what we had at hand. It did the job, but it also caused …

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Tips for a safe Australian road trip

Image of a road curving down a hill

Australia is the home of the road trip, our tips will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable Australian road trip. The great Australian road trip is almost a tradition in this beautiful sunburnt country. Escaping the major cities to explore Australia’s unique destinations is just part of the way of life. Many Australians don’t blink an eye at doing …

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