Edge Of The World: Tasmania’s Shore Of Eternity

The ocean and red lichen covered rocks at the The Edge Of The World, Tasmania, Australia

Have you ever dreamed of standing on the Edge of the World? Located at Arthur River in north-west Tasmania, around 2 hours 25 minutes from Devonport, you’ll find Gardiner Point, which has been dubbed the Edge of the World. Named by the north-west Tasmania tourism icon and Tasmazia founder Brian Inder, the Edge of the …

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Tulips In Tasmania: Bloomin Tulips Festival And The Table Cape Tulip Farm

Sunrise over the fields of tulips at Table Cape Tulip Farm

Have you ever wanted to walk through fields of beautiful coloured tulips? Thankfully an expensive flight to Europe to visit the tulip fields of Holland aren’t necessary. Australias smallest state, Tasmania boasts one of the biggest and best tulip fields for you to enjoy. They even have a festival to celebrate the blooming of the …

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Waddamana Power Station: Tasmania’s Fascinating Hydro-Electric Museum

Entrance to the Waddamana Power Station in the Tasmanian highlands

Waddamana Power Station Museum is a step back in time to the creation of Tasmania’s first hydro-electric power plant. Waddamana Power Station was a pioneering effort to build Tasmania’s first hydroelectric power plant. Since its decommissioning in 1994, Waddamana, named after the Tasmanian Aboriginal word meaning noisy water, has become a museum open to the …

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Cradle Mountain: Hiking The Dove Lake Circuit

Looking up at Cradle Mountain from Dove Lake, Tasmania

The Dove Lake Circuit is possibly the most popular and best-known walking trail in Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. It’s a walk with a lot of sentimental value to us as it was our first introduction to the beauty of Tasmania. And unbeknown at the time, the catalyst for our move here, instead …

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