Tahune Adventures: Airwalk, hiking and hang gliding excitement

Tahune Adventures is one of Tasmanias best known adventure parks. heres our guide to help you have an adventure filled day!

Hidden away in the pristine Tahune forest, around 90 minutes from Hobart is Tahune Adventures. An adventure playground filled with nature walks, hang gliding, kayaking and an elevated airwalk amongst the forest canopy.

Tahune Airwalk

The highlight of Tahune Adventures is without a doubt the breathtaking airwalk, an elevated steel walkway that provides panoramic views with an eagle eye perspective.

Starting near the banks of the Huon River, a concrete staired pathway winds its way up the hill. Here you’ll find the welcoming entrance to the airwalk and the first section of the elevated walkway.

Steel walkway heading out into the canopy of the trees at Tahune Adventures Airwalk
Entrance to the Tahune Airwalk

The enclosed steel walkway is rather unnerving, giving both a sense of strength, while also swaying and bouncing as you walk along its length as you begin your highrise adventure and get transported 30 metres high into the heart of the rainforest canopy.

Dotted along the length of the narrow walkways are large open viewing platforms where you can move around freely and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding area. These platforms have information boards explaining everything you’d need to know about the plant species, the damage caused by the bushfires, and much more.

The walkway roughly follows the banks of the Huon River and offers some stunning views over the Arve Loop Forest Reserve, backdropped by the stunning Hartz Mountains far off in the distant national park.

Taking a sharp turn away from the river, the 619-metre long airwalk once again begins ascending upward towards its maximum height of 50 metres at the finale of the airwalk. The cantilever lookout platform.

Steel cantilever airwalk platform hanging over a river and forest
The view from the cantilever platform

Unlike the rest of the airwalk, with large steel support beams rooted to the ground, the cantilever lookout platform defies gravity, dangling from nothing but steel cables.

Bouncing and swaying with every step, reaching the end of the narrow cantilever platform can certainly get the adrenaline pumping, but those who do reach the end are rewarded with some beautiful forested mountain views and the convergence of the Picton and Huon rivers.

Swinging Bridges Walk

The Swinging Bridges Walk is a beautiful 1-hour long return walk which cuts through some pretty forest scenery as it follows the banks of the Huon River.

The highlight of the walk is without a doubt the two steel cable swinging bridges, the 100-metre bridge crossing the Huon River and the 62-metre bridge crossing the Picton River.

Child walking across a steel cabled bridge over the Huon River
Bouncing across one of the swinging bridges

The swinging bridges certainly live up to their name as they bounce and swing with every footstep across the rushing rivers below. They’re a lot of fun!

Midway into the walk is a short pathway leading to a lookout platform where you can see the waters of the Picton and Huon Rivers combining and the airwalk off in the distance.

Huon Pine Walk

The Huon Pine Walk is a short 20-minute return walk that winds its way through some of Tasmania’s pristine temperate rainforests before swinging back towards the Huon River to view the rare Huon Pines that grow near the flowing waters of the Huon River.

Along the walk, you’ll see some of Tasmania’s unique tree species including stringybark, king billy pine, sassafras, leatherwood, celery top pine as well as a plethora of mosses, ferns and fungi.

Thick Tamanian temperate rainforest filled with ferns and trees
The lush green forests of the Huon Pine Walk

Eagle Hang Glider

Those with an adventurous spirit and a love of heights should add the Eagle Hang Glider experience to their Tahune Adventure itinerary. Don’t panic, no hang gliding experience is necessary!

After being securely harnessed and a quick safety briefing, the cable-guided glider is hoisted 400 metres across the Huon River, up into the treetops to the 50-metre high launching point.

After a short countdown, the glider is released, leaving you to soar through the forest and across the river to the landing area.

Boy flying throught the forest on a cable guided hang glider
Enjoying the excitement of the cable guided hang glider

Twin Rivers Adventure

Tahune Adventures and King River Rafting have teamed up to offer a family-friendly rafting experience based at Tahune Adventures. Launch your kayak and navigate the Picton River on a six or nine-kilometre river rafting adventure checking out the local scenery and attractions along the way.

Tahune Accomodation

Tahune Adventures has a range of self-catered accommodation options including a private cabin, communal lodge and camping options.

All accommodation options come with free wifi and the accommodation rates for the cabin and lodge include entry to the Tahune Adventures site.

Staying at Tahune comes with some great perks, such as accessing Tahune after-hours.

I went out during the night with my headlamp and camera gear to spotlight wildlife and enjoy some astrophotography. I found many quolls roaming the area and due to the limited light pollution, snapped some amazing Milky Way photos.

Night photo of the MIlky Way and silhouette of a large tree
Minimal light pollution allows for some fantastic astrophotography

It’s also perfect if you want to catch sunset or sunrise from the airwalk or enjoy the walks in solitude before the public is allowed onto the grounds.


The cosy Tahune cabin is set within the scenic forest setting and contains everything you need after a day of exploring. The cabin comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, and lounge area as well as a private courtyard area equipped with a fire pit and seating. Perfect for a relaxing outdoor dinner, drinks around the fire with friends or roasting some marshmallows with the family.

Young boy roasting a marshmallow on a stick over a firepit
Roasting marshmallows over the cabins firepit


The lodge is the perfect accommodation for budget-conscious or families and features eight individual rooms connected to a cosy communal area. The communal area boasts self-catering facilities including shared bathrooms, kitchen area, dining area and more.

Curl up with a warm cup of coffee in front of the communal fireplace, chat with other guests and enjoy some time alone in your private room in a secluded forest setting.


Those visiting Tahune in motor homes, camping trailers and caravans can set up and spend the night in the overflow car park for a small additional fee when purchasing tickets to Tahune Adventures.


Tahune Adventures is a real hidden gem. It was one of the very first places I visited on my first trip to Tasmania and I have been itching to get back and visit again. It took six years to return, but it was well worth the effort.

Everything about Tahune in my opinion is outstanding. The staff, the facilities and the range of activities available cannot be beaten and can be enjoyed at your own pace. Race through the attractions or make a day of it with lunch at the licensed cafe or cook your own in one of the many onsite BBQ areas.

While the evidence of the devastating bushfires that ravaged much of Tasmania is still very present at Tahune with many trees still bearing scorch marks, new growth is flourishing and Tahune is slowly rejuvenating and continues to remain one of the prettiest places in Tasmania.


  • 4-5 hours


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