Tamar Triple Pass: Should You Buy It?

The Tamar Valley.

This well known region in the north of Tasmania is renowned for it’s beautiful scenery, amazing foods and world class wines.

It’s one of our favourite regions of Tasmania for an amazing road trip. Cruising from here to there, checking out the sights.

The Tamar Valley follows the Tamar River as it runs from Launceston for around 50 km, until it reaches the coastline.

While the area is known for its natural beauty, great food and plentiful wineries, it’s also full of some awesome family friendly attractions.

The Tamar Triple Pass is designed to show off 3 of the regions attractions.

Tamar Triple Pass

The Triple Pass gets you single access to 3 attractions in the Tamar Valley region at a discounted rate.

Lasting for 3 months, the pass allows you plenty of time to visit at your leisure. (Although they are all easily seen in a single day)

Passes work much like an old style bus pass and are hole punched on entry, so you can only visit each attraction once.

Seahorse World, Platypus House and Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre are the participating attractions included in the pass.

Passes can be purchased at each attraction or the Tamar Visitor Centre in Exeter.

Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre

If you haven’t been to Beaconsfield yet, then you really should visit! It’s possibly the most intriguing museum we’ve ever visited.

Learn about the tragic mine shaft collapse and the heroic efforts to save 2 trapped miners who survived 14 days underground.

The collapse became a world wide media sensation with hundreds of journalists flocking to the town.

But it’s not all about the mine collapse. The museum is packed with interesting machinery and artefacts from the past. Interactive attractions that are sure to entertain and cause some nostalgia for those of us old enough to have used some of these devices.

Old steam powered machinery
Old steam powered machinery

Seahorse World

Who doesn’t love seahorses? These tiny, majestic, and cute underwater creatures are a favourite for just about everyone.

At Seahorse World you can get up close to these unique marine creatures at the only approved captive bred seahorse farm in Australia.

You can witness the different stages of seahorse life. From the tiniest babies, to the juveniles learning how the seahorse world works. All the way to adulthood.

See and learn about all aspects of seahorses. The different species from around the world. And the rather unique way they raise their young.

You can even hold a seahorse!

Weedy Sea Dragon seahorse
Stunning colours of the Weedy Sea Dragon

Platypus House

Say hello to 2 of Australia’s most unique animals, the Platypus and Echidna.

If you don’t want to go searching around the Tasmanian wilderness looking for these animals, then visit Platypus House.

It’s really the perfect place to guarantee seeing these 2 truly unique Australian animals.

You’ll learn all about these animals and get much closer to them than you’re ever likely to out in nature at places like Fern Glade, where spotting a platypus is rare.

Tasmanian Platypus diving underwater
Platypus hunting for food underwater

How to save money with a Tamar Triple Pass

We’ve broken down when you should and shouldn’t purchase a pass below. This helps you decide what passes you need to purchase in order to save money.

Adult pass

Purchasing the adult pass is really an easy decision.

Each attraction, paid individually, would cost $61.90 AU per adult.

So purchasing an adult pass for $49 is obviously financially beneficial, with a saving of $12.90 AU.

Children under 4 years

If your child is under 4 years old, entry to all 3 attractions is free. No pass needed.

Family pass

Purchasing the family pass is only financially beneficial depending on how many children you have.

Family passes cost $135 AU and covers 2 adults and up to 3 children.

Saving money with the family pass is only possible if you have 2 adults and 2 or more children.

If you only have 2 adults and 1 child. Purchase 2 separate adult passes and pay for the child individually at each attraction.

Doing this will cost $123, which is $12 AU less than the family pass.

Should you buy it?

After visiting all 3 attractions, our honest opinion is yes!

We thoroughly enjoyed all of the attractions available through the Tamar Triple Pass.

Beaconsfield was the favourite for us adults, but Platypus House and Seahorse World were a hit with the children.

Overall we thought the price of the pass was good value for money. The 3 attractions occupied an entire day that we all enjoyed.

We recommend visiting Seahorse World or Platypus House first, as these are guided tours. This leaves plenty of time to wander around Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre, which requires the most time.

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