Tulips In Tasmania: Bloomin Tulips Festival And The Table Cape Tulip Farm

Have you ever wanted to walk through fields of beautiful coloured tulips?

Thankfully an expensive flight to Europe to visit the tulip fields of Holland aren’t necessary.

Australias smallest state, Tasmania boasts one of the biggest and best tulip fields for you to enjoy. They even have a festival to celebrate the blooming of the tulips!

Bloomin’ Tulips Festival

The Bloomin’ Tulip festival is one of the best free festivals on the north-west coast of Tasmania.

The festival held in early October around Gutteridge Gardens coincides with the tulip blooming season at the nearby Table Cape Tulip Farm and is a combination of live music, local food and beverage stalls, market stalls, displays, amusement rides and more.

Dragon sand sculpture with flames coming out of its nostrils
Beautifully sculpted flaming sand dragon

The festival attracts a large turnout of stallholders and stretches along the lengths of the picturesque shores of the Inglis River in the heart of the Wynyard township.

Enjoy one of the many amusements rides on offer or choose one of the thirst-quenching beverages including local craft beers, wines, ciders and ginger beers and relax on the grass and enjoy an afternoon of live music.

Bottle of Henry's ginger beer with copper ice bucket
The locally brewed Henry’s Ginger Beer

Grab a bite of lunch at one of the many food stalls offering delicious local foods, including delicious meats and cheeses from all over Tasmania or simply wander the foreshore visiting the local arts and craft stalls and displays.

Yellow Tasmanian tiger snake held on a snake catchers handling tool
Tasmanian Tiger Snake on display at the local snake catchers exhibit

Finish off a wonderful day of drinks, food and entertainment with a dazzling fireworks display over the river.

Table Cape Tulip Farm

Looming like a giant sentinel over the north-west Tasmanian town of Wynyard, Table Capes sheer size and position make it an unmissable landmark in the region.

Standing at 180 metres high and jutting out into the Bass Strait, Table Cape is the remnant of a once active volcano. The capes distinct shape was created when liquid magma filled the volcano’s core, leaving the round, flat-topped volcanic plug we see today.

Rows of white and pink tipped tulips
There’s a multitude of different colours and varieties of tulips on display

The rich volcanic soil makes the cape an ideal location for farming, and this is exactly the place the Roberts-Thomson’s family decided to grow some of the worlds best tulips.

The Table Cape Tulip Farm operated by Van Diemen’s Quality Bulbs has been growing a variety of stunning tulips to supply the flower bulb market since they first imported tulip bulbs from Holland in 1984.

Field of unopened yellow and pink tulips
A field of tulips preparing to bloom

Over 30 years later, the tulip farm has become a hugely popular attraction for the Wynyard region when once a year from late September until the end of October the public can walk amongst the fields of blooming tulips.

Walking among the rows and rows of stunning tulips you’ll see a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, which contrast sharply with the dark volcanic soil to create a kaleidoscope of colours off into the distance.

Rows of white, purple, yellow, orange and red tulips fields
The rainbow of colours on display

The tulip fields are rather extensive and cover several hectares in size which they say makes them the largest tulip fields in the southern hemisphere that you can wander around and get lost in.

Morning dew on the petals of a purple tulips
Morning dew on the tulips

Once you’ve finished enjoying your walk around the fields, head indoors to view beautiful floral arrangements, buy a souvenir or two, enjoy a Devonshire tea or buy some tulip bulbs to begin your very own tulip garden.


Table Cape Tulip Farm is a beautiful and popular attraction in northwest Tasmania. It’s a popular spot for photographers and flower lovers and a nice place to spend a few hours admiring the colourful tulips.

The Bloomin’ Tulips Festival is one of the best festivals we’ve attended in Tasmania. The scenery is lovely and there is plenty of fun activities, food and beverages to enjoy. We highly recommend both.


  • 1-2 hours (Table Cape Tulip Farm)


Additional info

  • Avoid wearing nice shoes and clothing to the tulip fields as the red volcanic soil can cause staining

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